24-hour consultation hotline

24-hour consultation hotline

Beijing Feng Xinda Technology Co., Ltd.

24Hours Service Hotline: 400-819-9268

Company switchboard: 010-57097686  010-57097686

Sales Hotline :010-56189829 (24Hours)

Website:www.fxdkj.com (Website: www.fxdkj.com)


Office Address: Tongzhou District, Beijing Greenland Central City, 9th Floor

Zip code: 101199


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Group profile

Group profile

Feng Xinda (Beijing Feng XinDa Technology Co. Ltd., production base of Feng Feng system integration Co. Ltd., XinDa HSBC Software Development Company Limited), mainly engaged in the display system (R & D) production, system integration, custom software development, project implementation and professional customer service service of high-tech enterprises. Since its establishment in 2007, enterprises continue to pursue industrial innovation, pay attention to services, technology elements as the first productivity, and constantly break through industry bottlenecks, to lead the development of the industry as its mission.
More than 30% of employees in the integrated system, display system, communication engineering, information engineering supervision engineering implementation experience more than 15 years of engineering, which engaged in technology research and development, software development staff of the total number of nearly 10%, is an innovative high-tech enterprise R & D, production, sales, agglomeration construction, customer service in one the.



The company has independent production, independent research and development base, equipped with perfect production areas and advanced production equipment, for the production lines, mass production to provide maximum protection and support. The base is located in the beautiful Lucheng Industrial Park, convenient transportation, beautiful scenery, covers an area of 14.8 acres, is currently the largest industry in North China shows the product display area and production base, with office area, living area, development zone, mechanical workshop, assembly test area, precision assembly, finished product area etc.. Which is the largest display system user experience center "experience center area of 1000 square meters, ready to show the user experience and the industry's most advanced, the most cutting-edge science and technology innovation achievements, has won the national patent certificate (invention and utility) of nearly 100.


Companies with "good faith due to harmonious strategic orientation and innovation", "innovation unlimited unlimited service" spirit, focus on the display system, communication, monitoring, network and other new technology research and development, project implementation, system engineering services, high-end customer service system engineering solutions. Provide equipment diversity optional economical and practical for users, quick response to customer demand, with sincere and attention fungshun Master, always for the customer needs to make a timely response is the first criterion and requirements of our. We will strive to become the most superior, professional, electronic, communications, monitoring and other systems integration engineering professional after-sales service aircraft carrier. We have to include the government public security, armed police, troops, railway, electric power, railway, aviation, securities, financial, medical, transportation, water conservancy, mining, environmental protection, city colleges, enterprises and other industries to provide our company system solutions, products and professional services, high-quality customer service. At the same time, with a number of domestic and foreign communications, electronics, networks, video, film and other equipment suppliers to establish a long-term, stable and comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship.