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Platform overview

Platform overview

The teaching software integrates individual autonomous learning, class interaction learning and social chemistry learning. It runs through all the teaching scenes before, during, after class, and the whole knowledge transfer and learning diagnosis system. For teachers, students, managers have personalized teaching space and management space, but also has a complete resource services and teaching business management platform. The e-Schoolbag client can access the cloud, the cloud courseware, lesson plans, learning plan, micro video, database, and other papers for teacher preparation and self growth of the resources, but also for the needs of students' autonomous learning courseware, learning plan, test examination and pre learning micro video, micro video comes at the same time answering questions diagnosis; work, activities, etc., notify the community learning function, meet the social needs of the students; in the class, the LAN and the Internet combined model, cloud synchronization teaching, the students in class management, equipment control, screen broadcast, network examination, screen monitoring and control functions, can realize the teacher screen students share, screen sharing and other functions, to meet the learning needs of class interaction, to achieve both the teachers and students and students and between students in the traditional classroom teaching It also conforms to the characteristics of digital, informational, visualized, interactive and fair in multimedia teaching. Class data is fully recorded and uploaded to the cloud.




The wisdom of teaching resource platform is a new form of education and modern teaching methods, modern network technology system of the new smart classroom set the wisdom of teaching, artificial intelligence, environmental regulation, video monitoring and intelligent remote control in one based on Internet, is to promote the effective part of the construction of the school of futurology. Intelligent teaching integrated resource platform by Feng XinDa wisdom blackboard (2) display system as the main carrier, to accept the wisdom of the classroom, a variety of resources platform combination. Including: the wisdom of the blackboard (2) composed of advanced teaching equipment, classroom recording system, intelligent lighting system, intelligent curtain system, intelligent "wind" system, VR system, electronic classroom class card, book bag, exam monitoring system, and various professional courses teaching application software system. XinDa (2) Feng wisdom blackboard has absolute innovation in intelligent control, the adaptive function according to the environment in the classroom environment, the intelligent equipment for automatic switching regulator, including lighting, "wind" system. Ensure that students and teachers have a healthy and comfortable learning environment.



Platform hardware function characteristic


Feng XinDa wisdom blackboard (2) retains the original structure, while adding more user-friendly security design, so that smart blackboard (2) more practical, sense of the times, a sense of technology.
Advanced: the Internet of things technology as the core, artificial intelligence thinking, with advanced and mature wireless communication technology to support classroom teaching, data, voice, video and other multimedia applications.
Practical: the design conforms to international standards and technical specifications. The design is simple and easy to operate. Make full use of various resources, enabling users to achieve various functions.
Stability: the system selects products and techniques, and is extensively tested. The system takes full account of the adaptability and fault tolerance of the system during the operation of the program, and has high stability and reliability.
Compatibility: supports Windows, Andriod, IOS and other operating system terminals, and even different operating system terminals mixed use.
Scalability: system architecture design is reasonable, considering the future development, design, fully consider the future expansion requirements. Including the interconnection with other application systems and the expansion capacity of the system, it can well meet the needs of the future information system under the premise of satisfying the interconnection of existing systems.
Security: in the soft design and construction of the system, we should take full account of the security of the system, including data security, network security, transmission security, management security, etc..




Nationwide marketing network and service system


In 2016, our agents covered the whole of China; in 2017, we will cover the national level cities as the goal; at the same time, we will gradually improve the nationwide after-sales service system.