24-hour consultation hotline

24-hour consultation hotline

Beijing Feng Xinda Technology Co., Ltd.

24Hours Service Hotline: 400-819-9268

Company switchboard: 010-57097686  010-57097686

Sales Hotline :010-56189829 (24Hours)

Website:www.fxdkj.com (Website: www.fxdkj.com)


Office Address: Tongzhou District, Beijing Greenland Central City, 9th Floor

Zip code: 101199


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Industry trends

Industry trends

Feng letter of wisdom blackboard help Donghai County Education Information Promotion Council
June 19, 2016, organized by the East China Sea County Board of Education Donghai County Education Information Promotion Association held in the experimental primary school, the county primary and seco
Congratulations to the Internet + era of data management seminar held smoothly
Warmly congratulated by the China Education Technology Association, Beijing Fung Shinda Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai love the number of Information Technology Co., Ltd. hosted the Internet + era und
Fontaine products with core competitiveness • to the international market
For the international market, Feng letter of science and technology to products for the core competitiveness of enterprises, sail sail!
2017 The 22th Beijing Education Equipment Exhibition - Fengxin Da Yang sail
In 2017, the 28th Beijing Education and Equipments Exhibition was held in Beijing from March 8 to 10, and the Fung Shinda Technology carried 70-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch, 84-inch dual-screen, Smart black
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