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Meeting Wisdom Blackboard

Product name:

Meeting Wisdom Blackboard

Product description
Product description
light source:

Intelligent blackboard will be advanced multi-point capacitive touch technology, intelligent office teaching software, multimedia network communication technology, high-definition flat panel display technology and many other technologies in one, integrated ordinary blackboard, teaching touch machine, whiteboard, computer and other equipment in One of the wisdom of interactive teaching equipment, the traditional blackboard and teaching touch machine upgrade to a full-featured human-computer interaction device, through this product, the user can complete the ordinary blackboard writing, electronic whiteboard writing, annotations, painting, courseware presentation, multimedia entertainment and computer Operation, directly open the device can easily interpret the wonderful interactive classroom.







Positive display as a three pieces from the plane made of ordinary blackboard, you can write in a variety of pen above, but also according to the need to use chalk writing. When the power is turned on, the middle of a display of liquid crystal display screen, you can touch the interaction, and turn off, the display screen stealth, and display as an ordinary blackboard appearance, in the above writing.
Smart blackboard blackboard = touch interactive + chalk writing
Modular design = whiteboard + projection + ordinary blackboard writing + PC + touch interactive
Image display capability = colorful + high contrast + high brightness (high transmittance) + HD resolution




Product advantages



1, seamless structure, "shape" meaning simple and implied meaning:

Professional modular architecture design, the seamless integration of the plate and multimedia interaction (the blackboard module between the splicing joints less than 0.2mm), no edge, no drum, no writing broken, no writing poor, to achieve real Classroom overall interactive teaching.






2, the integration of flatness, due to the formation of large "horizon":

Module frame level, vertical adjustable, to ensure that the overall flatness of 99%, regardless of angle obstacles.
Using LED-backlit LCD screen, A-panel, HD 4K display, to meet the needs of a variety of schools.



3, the use of advanced multi-point capacitive touch technology:

Using the most advanced multi-point capacitive touch technology, multi-touch interactive experience (≥ 10 touch), in the Windows environment, drawing software to achieve multi-point writing, support for pictures, audio and video, graphics, lines The two-point zoom and rotation function, support any angle parallel to the line does not produce the intersection.






4, writing, low reflectivity:

Writing function Provide pen, chalk, touch handwriting, capacitive pen writing, erase, wash handwriting; automatic sensor identification, the surface of a large number of water normal touch;
Teaching process, which can be through the physical touch switch all black mode, you can directly chalk and pen writing mode.
The use of polymer nanometer glass, the use of diffuse reflection and light absorption material material to minimize the impact of light reflection on the student visual impact.
Blackboard surface using nano-composite coating process, leading independent research and development of the wisdom of the blackboard.
1) Filter the harmful light source.
2) nano-state particles will be light source objects for diffuse reflection.
3) nano-state particles can both light and can write.







5, with high light filter technology:

Can be harmful to the eyes of the light source filter, making the screen becomes more gentle.




6, anti-glare technology, green eye:

High light filtration technology, filter harmful light, protect eyesight;
Anti-glare technology, the light diffuse reflection to prevent reflection;
178 ° viewing angle, does not affect the outside two rows of students to watch;






7, flat appearance:

Flat surface without border, dust does not affect the touch;
Fashion, technology, and modern teaching scene integration;



8, the overall smart lift (optional):

The use of intelligent electric overall lift design, according to the classroom, podium, teachers or students to write the required blackboard height, intelligent overall adjustment of the height of the blackboard.






9, wear, explosion-proof, impact resistance:

Strong friction resistance, the machine has an explosion-proof, impact resistance, broken glass can not splash wounding.







10, lightning protection, waterproof, anti-interference, anti-oxidation:

With lightning protection, waterproof, anti-interference, anti-oxidation function, to ensure the use of product quality and life.



11, with EMC electronic anti-jamming function, to maximize the elimination of interference noise Power signal:

30 years of anti-oxidation lightweight aluminum design, a unique fanless duct design, better heat dissipation, the surface has a full waterproof function, with anti-light anti-jamming function.



12, high-quality screen display:

LED LCD screen with industrial A regulation LCD panel, to ensure full HD LED backlight, clear picture, the details of the prominent.



13, to "wisdom" to large "as" sector:

Wisdom teaching is no longer out of reach, the new starting point from the big "as" sector sail.



14, the wisdom of interaction, "point" is the spirit, "write" is through:

Smart interaction, so that more capacitive touch technology to help you easily pass.
Support video, music, pictures, PPT and other multimedia teaching software;
Windows operating system, the traditional interface, easy to understand;
Teaching cloud platform, massive teaching software, heart download;
High with industrial control host, wireless Internet access, USB storage;



15, no acute angle security package edge design:

In order to ensure the firmness of glass, stability and long-term use of tempered glass does not fall off, do not use tempered glass and frame between the way of hanging paste. The entire wisdom of the blackboard with steel explosion-proof glass, aluminum-plated all-coated fixed glass structure design, to ensure the stability of the glass, stability, arc without right angle, safe and reliable, beautiful and generous.



16, somatosensory touch switch design:

Wisdom classroom system in the wisdom of the blackboard with a somatos touch switch, to facilitate touch, to ensure that the touch switch in the blackboard display area at the bottom of the bottom line position, by the bottom 5cm, touch point for somatosensory touch mode, rather than key way.



17, the overall color consistency:

Wisdom blackboard off the blackboard overall color (blackness) consistency of 98% or more, the image display area in the shutdown state, the overall blackboard no significant color, no patch, to meet the real classroom as a whole interactive teaching.








18, supporting teaching software:

Equipped with multimedia teaching interactive software can display multiple audio and video / image files, the user can easily transfer audio and video files through the software terminal, zoom in and out; software with user management functions, you can set the password lock, support the screen video function, support Modify the resolution and aspect ratio and other functions, into the classroom application.



19, innovation unlimited, Xuehai no "line", with "reward" a total of "wisdom":

WIFI Biography "Let the wisdom of teaching love no boundaries, let the portable wireless network wisdom teaching in the campus peach fragrance.


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Wise blackboard products can be customized according to user site conditions, product size and style.

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