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FXD-MLCDB 46寸液晶拼接屏

FXD-MLCDB 46寸液晶拼接屏

Product name:

FXD-MLCDB 46寸液晶拼接屏

Product description
Product description
light source:

Feng Xinda micro-edge (5.3 mm) Series LCD splicing large-screen display system technology has been widely used in a variety of command and control center. Mainly by the display unit, signal processing unit and the control system management software together constitute. Users can flexibly open multiple windows on the video wall, at the same time, the window size and display size can be defined; the content of the window can be filled arbitrarily, and the window can be expanded to the entire video wall to meet the real-time monitoring of signals and images.

product description:

MLCD 46HDL has a 3000: 1 contrast ratio, excellent color performance;

Designed for video display, brightness: 500cd / ㎡;

With Feng Xinda image splicing processor and matrix, can support unlimited expansion;

Small patchwork, 5.3mm;

High-resolution, single LCD splicing unit up to 1920X1080;

Adopt imported DID special LCD splicing panel;

Long life, stable operation, without any burns, damage, low maintenance costs;

Rich input and output interfaces, DVI, VGA, HDMI, YPbPr, AV interface terminals, can be accessed by computers and a variety of video equipment;

Wide viewing angle, to ensure that the viewing angle of 178 degrees from top to bottom is not deformed, color distortion;

Integrated media decoding, support for H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, RMVB, MKV and VC-1 and other encoding formats;

A variety of plans fully save the scene design features, easy to use and quick;

An embedded 3D video light color separation circuit unit, a 3D digital signal noise reduction unit and a frame-by-line conversion frame frequency normalization conversion circuit unit.

Support the signal matrix protocol linkage, convenient and quick;

Support two RS232 loop out control;

Pure IP network remote control, integrated wiring neat and generous;

Can open the underlying communication protocol, user-friendly to facilitate the use of third-party control system or self-compiled software to build large-screen engineering systems.

Narrow frame full metal frame design

Ultra-narrow border design, nice, superior appearance, the effect of shock, suitable for large-scale video wall applications. Anti-interference metal case, no radiation, and provide good heat dissipation, to deal with any strict application environment.

Fan temperature control design

Industrial fan design standards, ultra-quiet temperature-controlled cooling fan design, longer machine life;

24/7 application design

Designed for high-load, all-weather display applications, support 24-hour non-stop boot operation.

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型    号 FXD-MLCD 46HDL
尺    寸 1025.6(W)×579.8(H)×102(D)mm
屏幕对角线 46寸
屏幕高宽比 16:9
物理分辨率 1920×1080
有效显示面积 1018.08(H)X 572.67(V)
色饱和度 97%
响应时间 5ms
亮    度 500cd/㎡
对 比 度 3000:1
行    频 48-75KHz
场    频 60Hz
色    彩 16.7M
显示颜色 10bit – 10亿色彩
观看视角 178度
双边总拼缝 物理拼缝≤5.3mm
输入接口 复合AV视频,色差分量,S-VIDEO, VGA,HDMI,DVI
信号格式 NTSC、PAL、480P、576P、720P、1080I、1080P
控制接口 RS232
图像处理技术 首家独创“抗锯齿流处理技术”,可使低像素图像在全高清显示屏中清晰再现;去隔行处理技术,消除闪烁;去交错算法,消除“锯齿”;动态插值补偿、3D动态数字降噪、3D梳状滤波、10位数字亮度及色彩增强、自动肤色校正、3D运动补偿、非线性缩放等多种国际领先处理技术;图像边框可选补偿或遮盖,全高清信号实时处理。
显示功能概述 手动\定时\巡航\报警预案设定,智能温控及报警、通讯故障自动检测等功能,一路信号同时分屏显示,整屏显示
矩阵配置 不需外置VGA、VIDEO等矩阵和控制电脑
工作温度 0-40摄氏度
工作湿度 15-75%
电    源 AC220V
平均功耗 185W
重    量 单片10.5kg
安装方式 壁挂、嵌入式、落地机柜、吊装、电视柜



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