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FXD-WLCD 第二代·液晶光电玻璃拼接屏

FXD-WLCD 第二代·液晶光电玻璃拼接屏

Product name:

FXD-WLCD 第二代·液晶光电玻璃拼接屏

Product description
Product description
light source:

The second generation of LCD glass mosaic splicing large screen (patchwork 3mm), won the national LCD splicing patented technology, the technology for the current domestic and global only use. We will be a high degree of focus and innovation Feng Xin Daxin to innovation as the primary mission, the world's first to introduce the first generation Feng Xinda (FXD) limits the concept of providing users with innovative, practical, environmentally friendly, low carbon Products, HD, High Resolution Unparalleled image display high quality products.

Program applications

Monitoring and dispatching command system: Customs, border control, border monitoring, bank monitoring system, railway, subway, highway dispatching command center, highway toll station monitoring, electric power, water conservancy, coal mine monitoring and dispatching system, urban traffic management center, urban safety monitoring center , Large-scale video, advertising; large shopping malls, television studios, conference centers, hotel lobbies, Airport Hou Airport, the train station waiting hall.


1, no edge without drum edge

Splicing screen without packet edge, no drum edge; the same level, the picture is flat and clear; no perspective and sensory obstacles.

2, electro-optic bead imaging glass

All-optical compensation imaging technology; full color gamut (98%) color; excellent color saturation.

3, dust-free imaging layer

The uniform light layer, the imaging layer and the backlight dust-free isolation, no late due to dust caused by the dark side phenomenon.

4, the level of 180 degrees viewing angle

The overall splicing screen 180 degree viewing angle, beautiful picture quality, the perfect show.

5, HD, high resolution

1920X1080 HD, high resolution, large screen HD display.

6, LED light source

LED backlight, low-carbon energy-saving, long life; the best degree of monochrome reduction;

7, three years worry-free warranty

HSBC full range of products for three years worry-free warranty

8, enjoy the quality of innovation

Independent innovation, national patents, the world's first product, the revolutionary new industry to bring you a new gorgeous and shock.

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规格型号 FXD-WLCD-48 FXD-WLCD-58
面板尺寸 48″ 58″
光    源 LED背光 LED背光
物理拼缝 3mm 3mm
显示面积 1057.2 mm(W)×592.2 mm(H) 1270.2 mm(W)×717.2 mm(H)
显示模式 16:9 16:9
最大分辨率 1920×1080 1920×1080
显示色彩 16.7M 16.7M
点距(mm) 0.63(H)×0.63(V) 0.63(H)×0.63(V)
亮度(nits) 700cd/㎡ 700cd/㎡
对 比 度 4000:1 4000:1
视角(上/下/左/右) 180°全视角 180°全视角
响应时间 5ms 5ms
场    频 50Hz、60Hz、70Hz 50Hz、60Hz、70Hz
复合视频输入 2 (BNC×2) 2 (BNC×2)
HDMI输入 1 (HDMI×1) 1 (HDMI×1)
(VGA)D-15针RGB输入 1 1
USB 1 1
DV1 1 1
复合视频输出 2 (BNC×2) 2 (BNC×2)
兼容输入 480P,576P,720P,1080P 480P,576P,720P,1080P
3D Combfilter
电    源 AC110V~230V,50/60Hz AC110V~230V,50/60Hz
最大功率损耗 ≦300W ≦300W
待机功率损耗 <3W <3W



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