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Product description
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WSLEDB series (using domestic high-quality LED module) is Feng Xinda small pitch LED series of large-screen, physical pixel pitch of only 2.5mm-1.2mm small pitch LED display products. This series of products have the characteristics of bright colors, seamless visual appearance, slim screen and green environmental protection. With the professional R & D team of Feng Xinda, large-screen system solutions, years of experience in design solutions and integration of optics, electronics and machinery Design, research and development and manufacturing experience to "unlimited innovation unlimited service" concept of enterprise development, to provide users with indoor small spacing WSLED large-screen system solutions, design programs, to demonstrate the perfect visual experience.

NO1. Unit stitching seamless

Stitching large-screen technology in the maximum to meet customer needs has been unable to avoid the impact of physical borders, abundance of science and technology lasted more than a year of research and development and efforts, and finally developed a high-definition small pitch LED seamless splicing display unit (FXD-WSLED series ), After many rigorous testing, the indicators have reached the industry-leading level, the picture is uniform, no separation, no black lines, will not omit the message, to achieve a truly seamless splicing screen, has now been put into the big screen design and Among the applications, the first in the industry to achieve a seamless splicing.

NO2. Brightness adjustment intelligent

FXD-WSLED series of high-definition small pitch LED splicing unit products, to create a customer environment brightness acquisition and display terminal brightness control of large-screen display system, display terminal brightness and ambient brightness changes intelligent adaptive.

NO3. Excellent color reproduction

The use of LED light principle, a complete retention of the authenticity of the color, to achieve a true color reproduction. Using the world's leading point-by-point correction correction technology, the use of advanced green restore and color restore function, fully adapt to the human eye to the color of the habit of feeling, to truly restore the color of nature.

NO4. Long service life

LED solid-state light source, the service life of up to 30,000 hours or more, is more than 10 times the service life of traditional light sources. LED performance and stability, can be -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃ environment work properly.

NO5. The ultimate visual experience

WSLED small spacing LED series splicing unit with high contrast and high definition, colorful, whether live television, exhibitions, or digital advertising, can vividly interpret the wonderful visuals, allowing the audience to enjoy the extraordinary visual experience.

NO6. Energy saving dynamic

Power supply Feng Xinda WS-LED series uses a unique combination of high-efficiency light-emitting chips and energy-saving drive IC dual-effect energy-saving technologies to fundamentally solve the peak power consumption of products. Real-time dynamic power technology, greatly saving the FXD-WSLED series of large-screen display system in continuous operation of the power consumption.

NO7. Low maintenance costs

The panel is made up of unit modules and the pixel points are composed of individual LED wicks. In the event of a dead pixel, replace and service an LED wick with a replacement unit. Such as the panel appears irreparable phenomenon, then replace a small piece of unit display module can be.

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